We are closed until the end of lockdown

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It may be taking us a little longer to reply to you than we'd like as it's been a busy time closing the saunas down and contacting all our customers, but you can be sure that we will reply soon.

We are in the process of contacting everyone with a lockdown booking.  If you haven't heard from us already, you will hear from us soon.   We're offering reschedules, credit codes or refunds .

If you want to get on with your Christmas shopping we are still selling Gift Vouchers through the website.  It's the closest we can get to a take away sauna!  We're also taking bookings from 2nd December. 


If for any reason we have to close or you have to cancel due to coronavirus or for any reason, our cancellation policy will apply:  Cancellation with 24 hours notice = full refund, less than 24 hours notice = a credit note for the full amount.  We've made this generous to help keep us all safe in Coronavirus times

In the meantime take care, have lots of hot baths and cold showers or sea dips and keep well.

With löyly

Beach Box Team 🌿🔥

BEACH BOX is an all year round, wood-fired public beach sauna wellness centre, based on Brighton Beach. 

Choose between 3 private saunas - in converted horse trailers and a larger sauna made from upcycled packing crates.  All with a view of the beach, sea and the Brighton's iconic pier beyond.


Wake up and reconnect Plunge into the sea to cool down. The sauna experience gives you space for relaxation, body care, digital detox and socialising.  We'll introduce you to the sauna-bathing experience you never knew you needed!

Facilities include warm and cold showers,  private outdoor lounge areas, changing rooms for each sauna and cloakroom facilities.

Chill-out on our decks or in deck chairs.  Upgrade your experience with hand-made body treatments, leaf whisks or ice bath.

We're exploring the best of European bathing traditions and bringing them to you.

'I left feeling completely relaxed and renewed. It was like having a holiday.' Jishari

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