We are temporarily closing our doors due to coronavirus.  Stay safe and enjoy the rest and we'll see you for lots of colourful events and sauna times in late spring



“So how do I define a great bathing environment?  

A place that helps bring my fundamental sense of who I am into focus.

A place that awakens me to my intrinsic earthy, sensual, and paganly reverential nature.”

Leonard Koren, 1996


BEACH BOX is an all year round, wood-fired public beach sauna, based on Brighton Beach.  Choose between 2 saunas - one in a beautifully converted horse trailer and another larger sauna made from upcycled packing crates.  Both with a view of the beach, sea and the Brighton's iconic pier beyond.


Wake up and reconnect with your body. Plunge into the sea to cool down. The sauna experience gives you space for relaxation, body care, digital detox and socialising.  We'll introduce you to the sauna-bathing experience you may have never known you needed!

Enjoy our fresh water, warm and cold showers. Chill-out  on our sun decks or in deck chairs.  Upgrade your experience with hand-made salt scrubs, leaf whisking or even your very own sauna guide. 


Check our our special events page for sauna shows, aufguss and more.

We're exploring the best of European bathing traditions and bringing them to you - it's a hard job but someone's got to do it! 

'I left feeling completely relaxed and renewed. It was like having a holiday.' Jishari

'Brilliant authentic Finnish sauna, now I understand why people get so into them!' Dave

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