Hire a sauna in your group of up to 6

No public saunas just yet

Here are some of the changes we've made at Beach Box to get us all back together again in safety.  


  • Socially distant seating zones on our beach.  We've created extra seating zones  from which you can enjoy Beach Box and it's stunning views, in your groups of 6.  When you arrive you'll be shown your seating area.  Each zone has it's  own water dispenser.  A full clean of these areas will take place between hires.

  • The changing rooms have been converted into a check in desk, body treatment shop and juice bar. 

  • Changing is in the open air at your own seating zone. Or in our outdoor cabins.

  • We have a separate entrance and exit to the site to allow for social distancing 

  • Obligatory hand washing on arrival. Anti-bac stations throughout the site.

  • Obligatory temperature check on arrival to ensure you're in good health.  A full refund will be given if you're deemed to be unwell.

  • Regular cleaning of all facilities with antiviral agents/disinfectants.

  • Saunas will have full ventilation and deep clean between all sessions.

  • Staff will wear masks inside the saunas

  • No cups will be provided - bring your own water bottles

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