Our 3rd trailer sauna has “come home” from the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club and is the “substitute” for the Big Banya while we repair her “injury”.   Thermo-aspen lined with a Huum Drop stove, it’s been the recovery sauna for the premier team boys after their training for the last 2 years – a bench they didn’t mind sitting on!  Enough of the football puns now, it sports (oops!) a stunning, teardrop shaped, electric stove with all the same loyly (steam) possibilities as our other stoves.  Capacity 6 but since you have the large seating area to chill in, your group size could be up to 12 people so you can share the 2 hour session whist chilling in the largest seating zone we have.

Cost | £80 off peak (Mondays & Wednesdays all day, Thursdays and Fridays until 6pm) | £125 Peak (Thursdays & Fridays after 6pm & all weekend) | Closed Tuesdays