We are back to pre-COVID per person ticketing sessions in this sauna only.  You will be sharing the sauna with others.

Big Banya is our Russian sauna with a capacity of 12  – plenty of room for groups or spacious relaxing.  Fired by a gigantic woodburning IKI stove with a cracking heat output and a wonderful woody smell.

With no Covid rules we can now share the space so we are selling single tickets for this sauna.  Only 7 tickets will be sold per 2 hour slot at first while we test the public confidence, so you’ll have plenty of room to space out.  If you’d like to hire it privately just book all 7 tickets and bring up to a 12 people.  Great for a party or catch up with friends and family.


Sessions: 90 minutes sauna time, 2 hours on site

£20 off-peak | Mon & Wed all day/night (closed Tues), Thurs & Fri until 4pm

£30 peak | Thurs & Fri after 6pm, all weekend & Bank Holidays

Private Hire:  To hire it privately,  book all 7 tickets.  You can bring up to a 12 people for no extra charge.  If 7 tickets aren’t available in your desired slot, it means that other people are already booked in that slot.  Look for a slot with 7 tickets.