Dates: 19th May | 16th June | 21st July | 18th August | 15th Sept | 20th Oct
Allow the fire to burn away the fear
As you submerge in the ice feel your inner peace appear
now listen to your warrior heart… whispering
I am here
I am here
I am here
Come find yourself again Warrior
Allowing the masculine and feminine energies to regain balance
Allowing the ice and fire to regain inner strength and peace
Allowing inner child to surface and play
Feel the internal demons being safely released and falling away
Join Lisa Shabbas every 3rd Wednesday of the month for a transformational extreme wellness men-only event about spirituality, finding comfort in the uncomfortable … all in one of the private Beach Box sauna areas by the sea.
Expect to be challenged and emerge renewed, full of light – though ritual, fire and ice immersion.
This extended 3 hour event will feature sea dips, sauna rituals, ice bath and more – all delivered with care and a touch of magic.
Check out @lisashabbas
Price £111 per warrior