Moon Party Dates 26th May | 24th June | 23rd July.  Choose between 2 sessions | 5 – 8pm or 8.30 – 11.30pm
Gather your crowd of  maximum six people and embark on a journey into the world of sauna rituals, with treats to stimulate the circulation and all the senses.
A trained sauna master will guide you through a range of sauna treatments, be by your side to make sure you’ll have an unforgettable night. Our extended 3 hour sessions will include welcome drink, music, fires, in-sauna treatments, sauna snacks and all the usual Beach Box magic.
Sauna socials that leave you nourished and warm!
Breathe deep and relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, listen to the sound of steam on rocks, feel the comforting heat, refresh in the air or sea, dance around the fire and tingle your tastebuds with delicious sauna nibbles.
An all round satisfaction for the senses! Come along…
Your 3 hour session includes
– a private sauna hire
– private changing room
– private chill-out area
– sauna master sessions
– sauna treatments (aufguss, salt scrub etc.)
– nourishing food and a special welcome drink
Ticket price £210 for 3 hrs | price is per group (of up to 6 people)
We are operating private hire saunas only until guidelines are changed