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5/6th October 2019

Level I. Whisking and Baltic Sauna Traditions

£350 including certification - £175 for day 1 only

International Bath Academy - with Birutë

Lithuanian and Baltic sauna traditions incorporate steam, leaf whisking and various natural bathing practices.

This is an intensive and fun introductory course of healthy sauna basics and whisking. It is targeted to zero-experience users but also suits the more seasoned sauna goer.

It consists of two intensive one day workshops

  • Day one - Steam bath ABC
    This is will be the first day of your journey to heathy steam bathing. You will be acquainted with the essential details of the Lithuanian Pirtis (traditional steam-bath sauna). There will be presentations and Q and As and you will also participate in sweat bath rituals. 

  • Day two - Light whisking
    More in-sauna practice of the body-work you learned on day 1 in hot sauna conditions.
    On finishing the 2nd day, the student is awarded the "Gourmand of healthy steam bath“ qualification.

  • The course includes free guided sauna group session with Birute on Friday 4th at 7pm

Day 1 can be taken as a stand alone course (not certificated).  Day 2 needs to be taken along with  day 1.

Venue:  The theory will take place in a Brighton venue tbc and the practical sauna work is at Beach Box.  For more info on Birute go to

Please get in touch us if you have any questions


12/13th October 2019

£350 including certification

Loylymasters Aufguss Academy with Martijn and Steve
An aufguss is a sensational experience where water and iceballs with essential oils are evaporated by the hot stone of the sauna. An aufgussmaster distributes this steam with his towel through many different techniques to create the all loved heat shower.

This ritual is a total experience of the senses where the aufgussmaster creates a state of relaxing, vitalisation or focusses on health-supporting aspects such as detoxing, immune stimulation or airways. After this ritual, we cool down properly, enjoy a nice tea and feel absolutely reborn.

The basics of the aufguss ritual is the classic aufguss. Which can be influenced by various elements such as heat rising, heat distribution and waves, fragrance and body experience, light (could come from a fireplace), sound (can be silence) and the sauna master himself.

During this practical 2 days training, we analyze every element step by step to optimise these in creating the perfect aufguss.


· Concept of natural wellness
· Effects of the sauna on the body (Dr. Steve Lewis)
· Sauna and health (Dr. Steve Lewis)
· The use of essential oils
· Creation of aufguss sessions: tools, goals, steps
· Waving techniques: classic waving & flow
· Types of aufguss sessions
· Hygiene and safety
· Practical elaboration of an aufguss session
. Friday 11th at 7pm free aufguss session with the Lölymasters at Beach Box

Day 1: Theory, waving techniques, aufguss examples in the sauna

Day 2: Theory, aufguss practice in the sauna


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